Date(s) - 28/07/2021
7:00 pm

Sexual Health Toolkit

Join Leo, our sexual health development officer on Facebook Live, on the Rainbow Project’s Facebook page for a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know to manage your sexual health.

We’ll cover:
– PrEP
– How to get PrEP on the NHS
– How to buy PrEP online
– Daily dosing vs. On-demand dosing
– Who can and can’t take PrEP
– What you need to do before you start
– STI Testing
– How often should you get tested?
– Rapid HIV & syphilis testing
– What happens during a rapid test?
– How to book rapid and full STI tests
– SH24 (self-testing)
– Condoms & Lube
– How to make your own DIY dental dam
– How to stay safe during hook-ups
– Asking partners about their STI status
– What do you do if you’ve been a victim
of sexual assault

And answer any questions you may have!