Connect with one of the biggest audiences in Belfast.

We need your support to make Belfast Pride happen – we are a charity and raise all of the money to stage the festival. We have a range of opportunities to help you connect with our audience – supporting Belfast Pride directly with advertising or sponsorship is the only way to help us make Pride happen.

We have a huge audience, at our events as well as online and we have the LGBT publication with the biggest audience and the biggest circulation in Belfast – it’s the only Official Pride Guide. The printed version is out now but you can still advertise in the online version and across other Belfast Pride media:

Pride in numbers:

– 50,000 attend events across Belfast Pride

– Our Official Festival Guide has a readership of 65,548

– 10,000 printed copies of the guide

– 10,484 online views of the guide in 2015

– Up to 10,000 at Party in the Square across Pride Day

– 11,400 Facebook followers and 5,800 Twitter followers

Have a look at how advertising with Belfast Pride could help you:

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