Media Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in registering for media accreditation at Belfast Pride 2022.

Belfast Pride is about visibility and we want to get our message out as far as possible. We will try to accommodate as many members of the media as our capacity and crowd safety restrictions will allow.

We will do our best to assist you with your work/assignment, and provide you with the best conditions we can for you to do your work.

We can provide Press Releases, briefings, content and team members for interview, but access to some events will be limited.

No accreditation is required to photograph or film the parade once it has left Custom House Square, however media must not stop the parade for photographs.

Priority will be given to commissioned news media professionals with a guaranteed outlet.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Please note: Mainstream broadcasters (TV and Radio) are not required to register at this time and should register on the day at event control to obtain passes PRIOR to the parade departure. Where possible, please let us know in advance but we understand staff are often assigned on the day, but please bring a form of staff ID.

All other media which are not daily news output must register in advance.

Applicants must be covered by third party liability insurance and may be asked to provide evidence of this.

Filming at Custom House Square and Pride Village is restricted and possible only by prior arrangement and accreditation.  

Data Protection

When you apply to work with Belfast Pride, we will securely manage and process your data in line with our Data Protection Policy. Click Here to read the full policy.

Media accreditation is closed for this year – thank you for your interest