Pride Village Terms and Conditions

Applications for Pride Village for Belfast Pride 2023 are now open.
Applications will close on 30th June 2023.

Please note, submission of an application is NOT confirmation of a place at Pride Village. The outcome of your application will be communicated by email. If you have any questions related to Pride Village please email 

Terms and Conditions 

We run Pride Village to help groups taking part connect with our audience and to help make sure that LGBTQIA+ people are not disadvantaged by not having enough information on their rights, or on the range of services that are available to them. It’s a great opportunity to engage with a lot of people.

We want the event to have a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere to complement Party in the Square. We run Pride Village as a community service and charge fees to cover set up and hire costs.


  • A range of different rules from the Department for Communities, who own the site, Belfast City Council, relevant legislation and other sources have to be followed when dealing with the public, as well as some guidance that we have learned from experience. This helps makes the event work better for all everyone.
  • You will have to share space including a table because of the space restrictions. If there is any group that you want to be placed alongside, let us know in good time and that they have agreed to this. You cannot bring your own furniture to the village unless it is needed for a mobility issue or disability.
  • The cost per organisation is £250. This is to cover the substantial costs of marquees and other equipment at the Pride Village. Belfast Pride will give consideration to groups unable to meet this fee. Fees are payable in advance of the event. 
  • We provide marquees for the site for safety and convenience as there are restrictions because of the site layout and proximity to the river – you cannot bring your own or any similar structure.
  • Power is not available on the site – any laptop etc. that is part of your stall would need to be fully charged and only small battery backs are allowed.
  • There will be no Wi-Fi available on the site and you should ensure that you have your own if you need it as part of your offer / presentation.
  • There can be no money collections or fundraising at all for any organisation on the Pride Village site.
  • There will be no selling or other commercial activity on the site.
  • If you are collecting names, details etc. you should apply Data Protection best practice and ensure individual privacy is protected. Multiple, lined, sign-up sheets, for example are not acceptable as they expose other people’s data. Using a laptop or tablet for this or individual sheets or cards can be more secure, subject to appropriate storage and security.
  • If you are collecting names, details etc. for a petition or similar device, you should have written permission in advance from Belfast Pride. The description of the petition should include a short summary of the proposition, the details of the proposing organisation if constituted or individuals concerned, if not and should also include when and where the petition will be presented. You will need to submit this to us in advance.
  • There should be no cooked food on site for distribution. If you have any food giveaways, please advertise allergy issues, have an ingredients list available and please be responsible for clearing up any additional litter.
  • Belfast Pride has no control over or connection with the food vendors on the site – they have a year long licence from the Department for Communities and any issue should be taken up with the vendors, the Department or Belfast City Council for any trading or food hygiene issues.
  • There should be no flags or banner flags other than Pride, LGBTQIA+ flags and flags representing organisations. This means no national or regional flags or any variations on these or as parts of other flags. We want the event to be a neutral environment.
  • Uniforms should be avoided where possible. No combat / military or similar clothing or paraphernalia suggesting or supporting paramilitary organisations or similar is permitted on site, this includes banners, flags and other items.
  • Any material that could be deemed to intimidatory or upsetting to visitors will not be allowed.
  • Only Pride flags and LGBTQIA+ flags are allowed. No national or regional flags of any sort or any variants of these are allowed.
  • The event is relaxed and exhibitors should only promote their organisation or service from their own stall or immediately in front of it and allow visitors to choose to engage.
  • There should be no material that could reasonably be deemed to offend or would not be suitable for a general audience or attack other groups including LGBTQIA+ people.
  • No material attacking or denying the rights or any LGBTQIA+ group will be allowed. #PrideWithTheT – Belfast Pride is a signatory of the European Pride Organisers Association’s (EPOA) #PrideWithTheT declaration – we affirm the place of Trans people at the heart of Pride and we state that those who oppose equality and respect for any section of our community are as unwelcome at Pride as those who oppose equality and respect for every section of our community.
  • This event is Alcohol and Drug free and there will be no bar and the consumption or promotion of alcohol will not be permitted. Anyone with alcohol will be not be allowed on to the site. Pride Village is a Smoke and Vape Free site and there is no smoking permitted on any part of the site, this includes vaping and all variants thereof.
  • Belfast Pride has a policy of opposing the promotion and practice of smoking and the consumption of tobacco. Information on help with giving up smoking will be available on site.
  • You will be expected to set up from 11.00am onwards and be ready for 12.00 noon, we then expect everyone to join the parade at 1.00pm and the busiest time for everyone will be when the parade gets back from 2.30pm onwards until 4.00pm.

Belfast Pride will provide any guidance needed and you will be expected to follow this.


If you have any questions, please just ask.